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Book Reviews

  • Agana, Agana-Nsiire. ““African Public Theology.” Studies in World Christianity 27, no. 3 (October 2021).
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  • Agana, Agana-Nsiire. “Theological Anthropology.” In Oxford Handbook on Digital Theology, (Oxford: Oxford University Press), upcoming.
  • Agana, Agana-Nsiire. “Digital Feminism, Public Theology, and the Reshaping of Female Subjectivity in Ghana.” Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, under external review for special issue.


As a postgraduate tutor, I plan and conduct tutorial sessions and assessment for undergraduate and master’s courses in the School of Divinity and the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS), University of Edinburgh. I have also prepared and delivered lectures in several of these courses.

Undergraduate tutoring:

  • The God(s) of the Philosophers: Proposals and Problems (SCQF Level 8)
  • History of Christianity as a World Religion 1B (student guest lecture, SCQF Level 8)
  • Christian Theology: Doctrines and Debates (SCQF Level 8)
  • Religions in Africa (SCQF Level 10) (student guest lecture)

Postgraduate tutoring (Level 11):

  • Philosophy, Science & Religion 2: Life and Mind
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy, Science, and Religion: Mind, Matter & Spirit
  • History of Science and Religion

Talks and Presentations


  • Quasi-Physicalism in African Philosophy | Philosophy of Science and Religion supplementary lecture.
  • November 2023, San Antonio TX, USA | Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion: “What Does the Network Really Look Like? Rethinking the Sociality of Digital Religion.”
  • August 2023, Online | Conference of the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture | Bochum, Germany. Paper title: Metaphors New and Old and What (Not) to Do With Them? Paper title: Metaphors Old and New, and What (Not) to Do With Them.”
  • November 2022, Online | Global Perspectives in Digital Theology | Moderated an online seminar for the Master of Arts in Digital Theology programme at Spurgeon’s College, London.
  • August 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark | SKC Annual Conference 2022.  Annual conference of the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, University of Copenhagen. Theme: The Textuality of Kierkegaard’s Thought: Words, Images, Phenomena, and Concepts.
  • August 2023, Lund, Sweden | LERU Doctoral Seminar in Theology and Religious Studies.  Delivered a presentation outlining my PhD research and initial findings from fieldwork. University of Lund, Sweden.
  • June 2021, Edinburgh, UK | Yale-Edinburgh Conference on World Christianity. Presented a paper: “Save the Date: Pre-Wedding Photos, Social Media, and Church Authority in Ghana.”

Grants and Fellowships

Social Science Research Council: SSRC’s Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal Fellowship grant funded by the Fetzer Institute. The fellowship provided grant funding for independent research spanning 12 months from August 2023 to August 2024. Project topic: Social Media and Political Engagement among Ghanaian Christian Youth Home and Abroad.

Arts and Humanities Research CouncilWon the AHRC’s Doctoral Training Programme Studentship administered by Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities. The studentship provided PhD research funding covering tuition and stipend as well as doctoral training support. 

“Life is lived forward and understood backwards”

– Søren Kierkegaard